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Frequently Asked Questions — And Answers!

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It's natural that when you encounter something new, your mind fills with questions. Does it work? If so, how does it work? What will I need to run it? When can I expect results? What's the science behind it?

So, to help you feel completely experiencing the power of Brain Bullet, I've pooled together the most common questions asked by our users, and provided you with all the answers you need on this page.

Got a question? It's likely you'll find an answer on this page.

However, if you don't find what you're looking for here, we have dedicated support staff standing by to help you out. Got something else on your mind? Use the beacon below to connect with us, we'll get back to you fast!

  • How can I get in touch with you?

    Simple! First, please make sure your question isn't already answered by this FAQ (80% of the time, it probably will be...). If it is, you'll get a full-blown answer right here.

    If not, you can contact one of our members of staff by emailing us at [email protected].

    We respond to all messages within one business day, however our typical response time is just four hours. We even have online chat available at many points during the day.

  • How does Brain Bullet! work?

    Brain Bullet sits in your computer's system tray, and displays targeted affirmations on your screen at speed. These "affirmations" are merely statements of positive intent — beliefs that you want your mind to accept as fact, without destroying their core objectives with conscious thought.

       It works on the principles of exposure and suggestion. The more exposure your mind gets to a particular belief, the more it begins to believe it. For instance, an adult who was constantly told she was over-weight as a child may still believe it... even if it's not true. This is "belief over reality", or suggestion.

       The more times she was told she was over-weight, the more it affirmed it. That's "exposure".

       In this case, this person's affirmation, or belief, is "I am over-weight". Oftentimes, the negative beliefs are so well in-grained that even though they may not be true, it takes tremendous effort to convince the mind of otherwise... (and the mind will go to great lengths to protect its own beliefs -- it's livelihood depends on what it has become to accept as "fact").

       For many people, these false beliefs have become their core thinking. Whether it was conditioning by their parents, their teachers, their peers or society, many people grow up with a limited set of beliefs... often assuming success is unattainable for them, that life is destined to be a struggle, and that they have little to no chance of ever succeeding themselves... as well as other limiting ideologies.

       Brain Bullet! works using the same model in reverse, correcting and destroying the old beliefs that have created false self-impressions, poor habitual behavior and limited your abilities... and replacing them with powerful, positive, uplifting beliefs of intent.... with two very powerful additions:

       1. With BB, you're subject to high levels of exposure of your suggestions. Brain Bullet! sits on your computer and fires up to 60 affirmations (or "beliefs") per minute at you. In an 8 hour working day at the office (or a lazy weekend surfing the net, playing video games or whatever else), that's over 28 thousand (28,800, to be exact!) positive affirmations of powerful self-belief and intent EVERY DAY.

       (Performance experts avidly recommend saying affirmations 'out loud' to yourself in the mirror... Brain Bullet! is liking standing in front of the mirror 28,000 times a day... just imagine that!)

       2. Since the affirmations "blink" so quickly on the screen, they're not "read" by your conscious mind. And, since your conscious mind analyzes things using your current beliefs, your NEW beliefs aren't rejected, or considered fantasy. Instead, these messages ARE seen... by your sub-conscious mind (the part that simply accepts the information its fed as fact, without destroying it with analysis.)

       With Brain Bullet!, you're in complete control of this process. Aside from the comprehensive set of professionally designed affirmations included with the software, you can also add/edit your own to match your goals perfectly — as well as control the display frequency, font, and many other factors.

       These affirmations are accepted as "fact", without rejection from your conscious mind. This bypasses the need for positive thinking, or the frustration of suffering the indifference between what you know is logical (i.e. you only weigh XXlbs, you're NOT over-weight) and what you BELIEVE (I am still over-weight, no matter what the scales say.) It's in this inconsistency, that you experience failure.

       This is a benefit you simply can't get with hypnosis tapes, reading "self-help" books, or practicing any other form of personal development. You can craft very specific affirmations that suit your current lifestyle and your current ambitions perfectly, and simply let Brain Bullet! whirl away in the background... automatically and effortlessly reshaping your life, without demanding any of your time.

       Exposure to statements of positive intent have been proven in numerous studies to have a deep and profound impact on your reality. Your brain literally re-adjusts in line with its beliefs, creating new neural networks and altering the bio-chemistry inside your body — allowing for change in your life.

  • Does it really work?

    Yes! For thousands of people around the world, Brain Bullet! is working for them right now. We get new testimonials every week from clients who have experienced great results from using the software — and by crafting specific and relevant affirmations, it really is working for them.

       Whilst obviously we can't guarantee their results will be your own, what we do guarantee is this...

       You have a 60-day risk-free refund window when you purchase Brain Bullet! — meaning, if you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase and you don't see the results you're hoping for, we will issue a charge reversal to your credit card ON THE SPOT. No waiting or messing around. You get it back.

       Whilst we have had very, very few refunds (usually from people who just didn't give the software a fair trial), we have a 100% satisfaction rate with absolutely every refund request honored within 24-48 hours.

       So many people are experiencing AMAZING RESULTS with Brain Bullet! and we really want you to be the next one! For just some of their comments, you'll be excited to read the testimonials page.

  • Is it safe?

    Yes, Brain Bullet! is very safe to use. As long as you follow the recommended guidelines within the software and use it for positive intentions, it is very unlikely that any harm could be done with the software.

       The technology behind Brain Bullet! has been tested by ourselves (personally, and commercially) for several years, through our partner software sites and our own use. We have used it ourselves for our own gain... and it has worked, tremendously!

       With thousands of users, there have been no documented side/negative effects in using this software, or working with self-controlled subliminal messages that flash on your computer screen.

       Essentially, the software merely flashes text on the screen— if you've used your computer before today, this is likely nothing new to you. Your computer already "refreshes" thousands of times every minute, and it hasn't affected you. This software merely "focuses" affirmations to you on-screen, via the same technology you've already been using for years.

       However, even though the software doesn't use strobe or rapidly flashing lighting, it is advised that you consult a qualified physician before using the product if you suffer from photo-sensitivity or have an illness that you feel may be effected by the use of Brain Bullet!.

       It is also advised that you consider the outcome of using each affirmation before you allow it to display on the screen, merely to understand the implications of the statement. Please use only positive affirmations that are ONLY intended to do good — to yourself, and to others.

       Subliminal messaging can be powerful. The great news is, you're in complete control: YOU choose which affirmations you want to expose yourself to, and can even create your own!

       Whilst it is our opinion that the product is entirely safe for everyone, neither, its parent company or its staff are in a position to offer qualified medical advice, and accept no responsibility for the use of Brain Bullet! For further information, consult our software terms.

  • Who uses Brain Bullet!? Are they satisfied? What are the benefits?

    Over 50,000 individuals from all over the world have purchased a copy of Brain Bullet!.

       These are people from all walks of life... from office workers, to high-paid CEOs... from small college study groups, to mom and pop home businesses... from average Joes, to millionaires.

       People the world over are experiencing what Brain Bullet! can mean to their lives. Those in education are using it to improve the speed of study — utilizing the built-in speed-reading sets, and our "Pass Your Exams" group, which is specifically tailored to allow faster recall of facts / information.

       Business men and women are using BB to gain an edge in sales. They use it to gain a strong verbal vocab, write sales letters with more pull, market with panache, and sell with added charisma... as well as manage their time more effectively, boost creativity for new venture ideas and much more.

       Athletes and people in sports use BB to sharpen their focus, and help support their fitness levels and immune system with powerful, positive statements. When they're outside of the gym and relaxing at home or working in the office, they're doing a new kind of "training" with their computers — utilizing the power of Brain Bullet! to keep their focus and performance at an all-time high.

       Families and individuals use BB to build stronger relationships. They improve their relationships with their spouses, understand their children better (and more patiently), banish arguments and tension from their households, and help share happiness with the people around them — easily.

       There are so many potential improvements to be made in your life with Brain Bullet!, that even one or two small changes and enhancements can make the software worth its price ten times over.

       If you're a sales person, how much is it worth for you to double your response rates from that new sales copy?

       If you're a teacher, how much more rewarding is your job when you can transfer solid education to your students more easily and enthusiastically, and watch their grades get better?

       If you're a father or a mother, how much is it worth to you to watch your children grow up in a safe, open, stress-free and bonded environment, and watch your offspring flourish as the years pass by?

       If you're shy and single, how much is it worth to you to blossom out of that crippling shell, meet new people with ease, attract the opposite sex almost magnetically, and live an exciting social life?

       Placing a monetary value of all of these benefits is a difficult task to do, and if you're sensible and serious about change, you'll realize our asking price for this software is ridiculously low. Insanely low.

       You can... click here now... to purchase a copy, and have it delivered to you instantly over the Net.

       Are our existing users satisfied? You bet! We get inspiring new testimonials every week from our users, who have reported astonishing gains in their lives... and we love it!

       With more than 50,000 registered users, our refund rate is exceedingly low. The credit card processing company love us!

       Since we offer a 60-day no-questions, money-back guarantee, the only thing you have to worry about is that you've spent ALL of this time up until now without a copy! Click here to start benefiting.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    Yes, your purchase is backed by a full 60 day guarantee. This is risk-free, and no-questions asked. If you are not entirely satisfied with the product for ANY reason, you can claim your money back on the spot. We'll just reverse the charge on your credit card, no questions asked.

       Why such a strong guarantee? Two reasons. First, we're confident you'll experience great results. Secondly, we have such a high satisfaction rate, that it really doesn't matter to us whether you get your money back or not... what's a few dollars to keep our clients happy?

  • What can I use Brain Bullet! for?

    Almost anything! The possibilities are limitless. Brain Bullet! beams positive affirmations right to your mind... re-shaping your perspective of the world around you, and your reactions to out-side events. Imagine what it could mean to you... if you could destroy negative habits, remove flawed behavior patterns, integrate positive new thought processes, and gain a greater control of your mind.

       The most common question I'm asked is "how can a piece of software actually change my mind, and even if it could, how can my mind actually control what happens in my life?"

       To answer that, you need to truly understand the power of the human brain. Consider this. Every experience you have in your life, is actually created entirely by your mind. Every sound. Every image. Every smell. Every taste. Everything. All of these things exist only as particles around you... a "smell" is only real because your brain assigns a "smell" as a label to certain scents.

       The particles themselves contain no intricate "smell". It's only when your mind maps the millions of rules it has designed for itself to analyze those particles, that the illusion of smell is created for you.

       Likewise, an "image" is merely a collection of light waves assembled by your brain. It's not "real". If you don't believe me, try on a pair of infrared or night-vision goggles, and you'll "see" the world in a whole new way. The world around you is merely a mental interpretation of the information it's fed.

       If you can "train" your mind to "see" your life in a new way, it will adapt to its new beliefs. It's forced evolution. If you believe you have no fear of heights, you won't. If you can realistically envisage your-self making brilliant speeches, you will. If you believe you can store facts easily, you can.

       There is even research to suggest an even stronger mind-body link than first imagined, which may pave the way for affirmations to effect your physical attributes — helping you grow stronger, build muscle mass, lose weight, and even potentially improve your immunity against disease/illness.

       Whilst these statements have not been evaluated by the medical community and no guarantees are given (nor is BB meant to cure or prevent any disease), it's widely accepted by experts in several fields that your mind plays a vital role in your wellness, and certain factors like stress - which can be helped by Brain Bullet! - can alter your physical state. This is just one of the potential benefits.

       Brain Bullet! has so many potential uses. From improving your ability to learn, to controlling your automatic reactions to certain situations, to re-shaping your core beliefs to fall in line with what you really want from life... BB helps unlock the potential that mere "positive thinking" alone can't tap into.

  • What do you mean by the "technology they tried to ban"?

    Don't be alarmed! The software itself has never been banned. In fact, it's extremely safe to use (with thousands of users enjoying awesome success, and no reported negative side effects), and completely legal.

       When we say "banned", we're referring to subliminal messaging used specifically in advertising.

       In the 1970s, the United States government concluded that subliminal advertising provided businesses with too much of a competitive edge, and banned subliminal messaging in commercials.

       Of course, this is great news: It proves how effective subliminal messaging can be!

       Brain Bullet! is completely legal, ethical, and self-controlled... unlike subliminal messages used in advertising, YOU choose the messages you want to receive, how and when they are displayed on your screen, and the content of each affirmation. Nothing is hidden. You control the entire process.

  • What about subliminal tapes? Is this better?

    The problem with subliminal tapes/CDs, is that you never truly know if they contain affirmations that will actually benefit you. Since you can't "hear" them, how do you really know if these so-called "positive statements" were ever actually recorded?

       And even if they have, are they right for you? Do you really know what you're subjecting your mind to? Do you trust the creator of the audio program to have your best interest at heart?

       Brain Bullet! is different. You can see up-front what affirmations will be zapped to your screen, and even control, add, delete or modify them at will. It's also our opinion, from personal experience and our own use of this technology, that visual subliminal messaging is more effective than sound-based.

       Whilst quality tape recordings from reputable firms may offer some benefit, there's no real way of knowing what goes into them — and if they even have any "real" affirmations embedded in them at all. Plus, there's no need to DEVOTE time to listening to tapes.. you can work or play at your PC and let Brain Bullet! works its magic at the same time.... it's effortless, and requires no time commitments!

  • What if I have a goal that isn't included in your affirmations?

    No problem! You can easily create your own affirmations, in seconds. Brain Bullet! has a built-in affirmation editor tool. Type a few affirmations, save it, select it, and click OK — that's it!

  • Will I get support from you if I need it?

    Absolutely! Your purchase is backed by our parent company, Elite Inner Circle, a firm that hires dedicated (and most importantly, knowledgeable) support staff to handle any of your queries.

       Every one of our employees has to undergo a rigorous evaluation process to get hired and are tested on our products — many of them even use our products themselves! Additionally, if you feel your query has been insufficiently answered, your request can be escalated all the way to CEO level.... to ensure you're fully satisfied. It's no wonder we have a 100% satisfaction rate, really!

  • Show me the Software Terms!

    Sure, they're right here.

  • What do I need to run Brain Bullet!?

    Brain Bullet is designed for Windows PCs AND Mac OS X 10.2+ . It has been tested with success on Windows Vista, Windows 7, XP, 98, and ME and Mac OS X 10.2 - 10.4.

       For maximum performance, it's recommended you have at least a 1GHZ Pentium III or above processor, with 128MB or more of memory, and 10MB free space on your hard drive. A similar spec for the Mac is recommended.

  • Do you offer a version for the Mac?

    YES! We have a version available especially for Mac users running OS X 10.2 or above.

  • Do I need any special equipment, like a specific computer monitor?

    No, you don't require any special equipment to run the software. It's designed for the Windows operating system, and works using your existing computer hardware.

       The software is designed to flash messages at high speed. Most modern PC monitors "refresh" the display picture at between 75 - 100 times a second, or 75hz - 100hz (hertz). You can set Brain Bullet! to flick affirmations on the screen, and then disappear, as low as 1/100th of a second (10 millisecs.)

       Laptop computers and TFT/LCD monitors typically operate at 60hz, which refreshes the display 60 times per second (or, every 16.6 milliseconds, to be technical!). Brain Bullet! is fully compatible with these monitors, and all other types of modern computer monitor.

  • Will Brain Bullet! interfere with my use of the computer?

    No! Brain Bullet! quietly retreats to the "system tray" (the bottom-right corner of your screen, near the clock) and operates in the background... displaying messages on top of everything else.

       You can continue to surf web pages, write letters, use spreadsheets, type emails — use your PC just as you normally would. You will just see a small "flicker" on your screen where the message has displayed, but it will be too fast for you to read it.

       After a few minutes, I guarantee you won't even notice it. You can continue to use your computer just as you would without it... except now, you'll have the power of Brain Bullet! on your side!

  • I'm getting an error when installing the program, what should I do?

    If you run into an error message when installing the program for the first time, use the "Run as Administrator" option by right clicking on the .exe file and choosing "Run As Administrator", this will typically resolve any installation errors. IF you need futher assistance use the Help Beacon below to contact our HelpDesk

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